Doug Peltzman Workshop

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Doug Peltzman Workshop

It's Electric: Make, Play, and Explore with High Fire Porcelain

12 Jun 2023 - 23 Jun 2023

Price: 1896 €


  • Weekday lunch
  • Materials

Opportunity: If you would like to stay longer and work in the studio? Price: 100 € per week

This is a workshop fit for beginner to experienced makers. We will focus in on designing, making, and finishing high fire porcelain tableware in an electric kiln. The relationship between form and surface decoration will be explored through practice, demonstration and discussion. Doug will share his methodologies on carving and inlaying slip into leather hard clay and bisque fired clay. As a group, we will spend time collecting imagery and textures to apply to the surface of our work. We will discuss the meaning and intention behind the pots we make and look to “play” as a way to explore new ideas. Doug will also share his strategies for glazing and making pots to hold runny translucent glazes. This class will provide an array of tools and techniques for using texture, line, and color in your work. Taking your ideas and concepts to the next level can be tricky, together we can share our experiences and help push each other to develop our work beyond our expectations.


My overarching goal as a maker is to craft ceramic objects that tell a story and serve as a conduit for conversation, interaction, and celebration. Process and intention feed my artistic practice. I search for meaning through the act of seeing, working and repeating. The formal, textural, and drawn language in my work serves to heighten the perception of, and sensitivity to objects in domestic space. My relationship to making is deeply personal. I believe pottery has the power to transcend its nature and universally connect in profound ways. I create utilitarian objects to bring focus to this intimate intersection between art and life.

Doug Peltzman

About Doug

Doug Peltzman was born in NYC and raised on Long Island. He has been making pots since 2003. Since graduating with his MFA from Penn State in 2010, he established a pottery studio with his wife, Pam, in Shokan, NY. He is a father to three young children, a dedicated husband, and a full time studio potter. He has had the honor of being both a juror and curator of national exhibitions and has extensively taught workshops at many art centers and universities throughout the United States. Doug is a founding member of Objective Clay and creator/organizer of the Hudson Valley Pottery Tour. His work has been featured in many national publications and can be found in homes and kitchens across the country.