Welcome to International Artists Residency Exchange

Have you dreamed of working in another country? France in particular? Have you always wished you could stay and explore an area at your leisure and continue to create your art? How would living in another country inspire you? This program is designed for the professional to leisure artists to come to France to live and work in a fully equipped, significantly subsidized, ceramic studio. All arts are welcome.

The residency program studio is hosted in the beautiful port town of Saint- Raphaël, in “the Var” region of France. The Var is an area of France that borders the Côte d'Azur. It is adjacent to the historic town of Fréjus. It also borders a mountainous area called l’Esterel, great for outdoors activities including hiking and biking. By train, it is 1h15. to Nice, 1h to Antibes, 45min. to Cannes, 1h2. to St.Tropez and many other villages in between. The train station is in the center of the town, and there is a train direct to and from Paris. The outdoors are easily accessible, by car and bicycle, as are main cities, by train or bus. Nice is the major airport and you can fly anywhere easily to explore other countries while having a base in France.

Why exchange?? Exchange is the central theme to this program. Exchange in conversation, learning process, exchange with another culture, and cultures, other artists, and the internal exchange that happens as we develop our artwork. This is an opportunity to work with other artists, exchange ideas, develop new relationships, network, be open to new influences, experiment, and develop your art. As a group experience, there is greater opportunity for creating memories, exchanging techniques, sharing inspirations, and the development of relationships.


My Concept:

Fayence streetThe studio is designed for 8 artists, from around the world, to create their work for an extended period of time.
Groups are encouraged. The ceramics studio is fully equipped with 2 high temperature electric kilns, a slab roller, wheels and tools. The space can accommodate other artists, as there is space for painting, drawing, sculpture or perhaps other accommodations in media. There is also an area for exhibition as work develops. Workshops for 5 days to 2 weeks are offered, see Events/Workshop page for the full schedule.

The program is designed to be flexible, for 1 week to 3 months, with a preference, and price-break, for a 2 and 3-month stay. While transportation via trains and buses is easily accessible, artists are required to be independent. A car or bicycle is recommended (but not essential) as there is much to explore in this region. There are helpful links of the least expensive transportation options, accommodations, and food. There is a bus stop, with about a 2 min walk to the studio. Materials will be purchased upon arrival, and any subsequent visits to the ceramic supplier can be arranged.

In my experience, myself included, established artists want to have more control over their accommodations, travel and comforts. Flexibility in financial arrangements, lodging, travel and meals are a significant advantage. The Saint-Raphaël and Var area has over 200 listings on AirBnB. There are numerous accommodations available from September to June. The average studio apartment rent is 500-700 euros, during these months. The extended amount of time will allow people to become comfortable in the town, explore the variety of activities, other villages, and create a body of work in a relaxed atmosphere. My hope is that people will exchange their creative process and enjoy working with other artists. There will be weekly to bi-weekly meals, as travel permits, to exchange ideas, information and discoveries.


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