Diane Culhane Workshop

The Language of Paint: Color, Line & Form


 May 13-17, 2019

Concept: Line is the dance. Form sets the stage. add Color and the possibilities are endless.

San Raphael, France adds to the richness of this creative experience. Environment plays powerful role in your creative life through accessing all of your senses, sights, sounds, aroma; delighting in French food, history and culture. This adventure will fill you, giving you fuel for studio work to develop, setting you afresh into a new way of expressing your creative voice.

This five-day adventurous gathering is for beginners to advanced. It is here for you if you hunger to fill your creative life with breath, direction and solid ground.

Price: 1450€    $1650           To Register: Please go to Payment Page for PayPal link       Deadline: 25 March 2019

Included: Weekday lunch and paint materials

Julia Feld Workshop

The Magic of Color at Your Fingertips: Painting Texture Depth with Underglazes


June 28, 29, 30, 2019

3 day workshop

This hands-on workshop is designed to introduce you to the painterly surface treatment as an alternative way to traditional glazing techniques. You will learn how to use underglazes, underglaze pencils and chalks to create multi-layered, colorful imagery. Julia will explain and demonstrate various painting techniques on bisque ware to create layers and depth of field in surface design. You will practice painting on a simple tile before you move on to three-dimensional form. Bring your favorite brushes, source images and eagerness to get bold with colors. You don’t have to know how to paint or draw.

Price: 237€  $270.   To Register: Please go to Payment Page for PayPal link       Deadline: 20 May 2019

Inaugural Workshop: Natasha Dikareva - Dreams in Clay

Dreams in Clay: Creating Personal Mythology in the South of France


Dates: 9 September – 20 September, 2019

Natasha DikarevaDuring this 12-day intensive workshop we will be inspired by and immersed in the beautiful environment of French Riviera. The 12 days will be comprised of both studio time and relevant excursions. Historical sites such as ancient Roman ruins and medieval chapels, as well as daily Mediterranean life, will be investigated and explored. Every day will begin with a demonstration of different hand-building techniques, as well as surface treatments. The ceramic surface will be approached as a canvas; slips, underglazes and the sgraffito technique will be applied to create vibrant, dynamic surfaces of visual storytelling. Dikareva will work with students to help them develop personal iconography, symbols and forms that are significant and meaningful. Students are encouraged to bring their sketchbooks and use them for brainstorming sculpture ideas. We also will be creating maquettes--small-scale models of sculptures--to develop surface ideas. Participants will come away with work that reflects their own unique experience and a deeper understanding of the clay process and the place of creation. This is a perfect place to soak in the scenic wonders of the Riviera, savor the Mediterranean way of life, and channel your creativity!

Price: 2260€   $1980.  To Register: Please go to Payment Page to use the PayPal link   Deadline: 1 August 2019

Included: Weekday lunch, materials and firing

Lorna Meaden Workshop

Studying Form and Surface in Southern France


April 9-18, 2020


April 9-18, 2020

Come join the workshop of nationally recognized artist, Lorna Meaden! In this one-week workshop in Saint Raphael, France, participants will refine and expand their vocabulary of functional form. We will begin with making simple pots for daily use such as cups and bowls. We will move on to stretch our ideas about function, including more complex forms such as pitchers, ewers, scoops, spoons, and serving dishes. While focusing on form, we will explore surface decoration. Investigations of surface will incorporate texture, and line. Our pots will be altered, stamped, and drawn on. We will not miss the chance to absorb the cultural opportunities offered by southern France! All skill levels welcome. Bring your ideas and sense of adventure.

Price; 2350€ / $2668     To Register: Please go to Pricing and Payment page for PayPal link
Included: Weekday lunch, materials, firing

Carol Gouthro Workshop

Exuberant Clay: Exploring Form and Surface with Carol Gouthro: Create exuberant, unique and voluptuous handbuilt forms in clay


May 11 – 22, 2020


In this 10 day week workshop Carol Gouthro will demonstrate her signature Segment Mold Process. Learning Carol's innovative mold making technique will allow you to incorporate pleated, undulating and expressive forms into your ceramic vessels and sculptures, like those we marvel at in Carol's masterworks. We will also work with wooden drop molds. Carol will demonstrate how to combine, cut and re-assemble shapes to arrive at many differing expressions of form.

We will follow Carol’s rich, multi-layered approach to surface from wet clay, bone dry to bisque. Techniques for creating depth and texture will be explored, including the use of textured skins to wrap forms and clay sprig molds to embellish. Focus on color and pattern will be given through numerous demonstrations using slips, underglazes, stains, wax, shellac and paper patterns. Carol will share the many processes that she has developed in over 30 years of working with clay.

Price: $2055€    $2344.   To register: Please go to Payment page and use the PayPal link

Includes Weekday lunch, materials and firing