Studio Information

The studio is a fully equipped ceramic studio with wheels, slab roller, banding wheels, kilns and tools for everyone to use. There are tables and shelving to share. The studio is located in a tranquil area of Saint Raphaël, with a 3-4-minute walk from the bus stop, an 8 minute walk to the hardware store and organic market, and to downtown, a 20-minute walk. The downtown is next to the beachfront, with numerous shops and restaurants. The studio has full beautiful light and windows for painters and 2D artists.

Core values that fundamentally guide this studio concept: Creativity, Friendship, Kindness, Respect, Humor, Fun, Growth, Community, Consideration, Cleanliness, Positive Attitude and Good Will

The duration of the program is flexible: 1 week to 3 months

Workshops will be held in the studio

Beginning of January 2019 – the start of the residency program

Workshops will be scheduled as proposals are developed


  • Clay and glaze to be individually purchased
  • Underglazes and clear glaze to test provided
  • All materials to be purchased upon arrival

studio spaceSuggestion:

  • Bring your favorite tools or ship them in advance
  • Need other materials? Email me! I am here to help!

Hours of Operation: 9-23

Music: please wear headphones we have neighbors!

Sales: Direct sales between artists and buyer

Exhibition: Let’s do it!

Expectations: Simply - Be considerate. Keep the studio clean for yourself and others. Make art and Have fun.