Studio Information

The studio is a fully equipped ceramic studio with wheels, slab roller, banding wheels, tables, kilns and tools for everyone to use. Shelving to share. The studio is located in a tranquil residential area of Saint Rafael, with a 2m walk from a bus stop, a 5m walk to a hardware store, organic market, or bakery, and a 25m the Centre Ville. The Centre Ville is located 2 blocks from the beachfront, with numerous shops and restaurants. The studio has full beautiful light and windows for painters and 2D artists.

Core values that fundamentally guide this studio concept: Creativity, Friendship, Kindness, Respect, Humor, Fun, Growth, Community, Consideration, Cleanliness, Positive Attitude and Good Will



  • Clay and glaze to be individually purchased. The recommended clays are: Limoges porcelain, Spanish black clay (various grog meshes available), Terra-cotta, and a high temperature white clay.
  • Underglazes and clear glaze to test provided. Duncan is available in France.
  • All materials to be purchased upon arrival. I will take artists to choose and purchase their materials.


  • Bring your favorite tools or ship them in advance
  • Need other materials? Email me! I am here to help!

Hours of Operation: 7-24 Artists will be given keys

Music: Please wear headphones we have neighbors!

Sales: Direct sales between artists and buyer

Exhibition: Let’s do it!

Expectations: Simply - Be considerate. Keep the studio clean for yourself and others. Conserve water, Make art and Have fun.