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Michelle Gregor Workshop

Michelle Gregor Workshop

An Improvisational Approach through Form and Surface

1 Jun 2021 - 5 Jun 2021

Price: 1500€


  • Weekday lunch
  • Materials
  • Firing

Opportunity: If you would like to stay longer and work in the studio? Price: 75 € per week

This 5-day workshop on sculpting the human figure in clay will include live process demonstrations, improvisational exercises and slide presentations.

Capturing gesture and creating unity and flow, will help participants learn to construct the human figure from simple components and explore poses. We will discuss ideas such as contrapposto, groupings, and narrative. We will emphasize an experimental approach, manipulating your “first drafts” to discover movement, gesture and vitality.This will lead to demonstrations of building figures in clay in a variety of poses: reclining, seated, standing. Maquettes of figures ad heads will be created. Michelle will work with each student on their individual art work. Color and surface treatment will follow the construction process. Students will bring pieces of bisque ware to explore surface and color using a variety of techniques including underglazes, stains and pencils. Students will learn construction techniques to push past the common stumbling blocks of proportion, movement and balance.