Studio Information

Mission Statement

A space for artistic creative exploration and development, encouraging cultural exchange and dialogue

Core values that fundamentally guide this studio:











Positive Attitude

Good Will

The studio is a fully equipped ceramic studio with wheels, banding wheels, Giffin Grip, extruder, high-fire electric kiln, hand tools and brushes. Buckets, sponges, Shopvac, brooms, mops are for cleaning and shelving is to share. There is a designated kitchen area, with a refrigerator, where coffee and tea are always available. The studio is located in a tranquil area of Saint Rafael, with a 5m walk from a bus stop, a 5m walk to a hardware store, organic market, or bakery, and a 25m the Centre Ville. The Centre Ville is located 2 blocks from the beachfront, with numerous shops and restaurants. The studio has full beautiful light and windows for painters and 2D artists.

Expectations: Simply - Be considerate. Keep the studio clean for yourself and others. Conserve water, Make art and Have fun.

brushes organized in buckets on a shelf


Clay is available for individual purchase. The recommended clays available are:

  • Limoges porcelain #298
  • Spanish black clay #PRNI is the fine clay
  • Terra-cotta
  • High temperature white stoneware clay.

Underglazes and clear glaze provided. Amaco and Duncan products are available in France.

If more clay is needed a trip to the store can be arranged. If a different clay is requested, I will order it for you in advance. There are a variety of grog mesh sizes available, to the white stoneware, the Spanish black clay and terracotta.

Firing fees due at the time of firing


  • Bring your favorite tools, or ship them in advance
  • Need other materials? Concerns? Special needs? Email me! I am here to help!

Basic Studio Information

  • Hours of Operation: 7-24 Resident artists will be given keys
  • Music: Please wear headphones or keep it to a minimum level
  • Please be welcoming to all
  • Sales: Direct sales between artists and buyer
  • Exhibition: Let’s do it!