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Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the studio has had to close. Currently, the French borders have opened to vaccinated travelers, and EU citizens. The target to re-open is the fall of 2021. Feel free to contact me directly for further information.

Studio Information

Mission Statement

A space for artistic creative exploration and development, encouraging cultural exchange and dialogue

Core values that fundamentally guide this studio:











Positive Attitude

Good Will

The studio is a fully equipped ceramic studio with wheels, slab roller, banding wheels, Giffin Grip, extruder, (two) kilns, hand tools and brushes for everyone to use. Buckets, sponges, Shopvac, mop are for cleaning and shelving is to share. The studio is located in a tranquil residential area of Saint Rafael, with a 1m walk from a bus stop, a 5m walk to a hardware store, organic market, or bakery, and a 25m the Centre Ville. The Centre Ville is located 2 blocks from the beachfront, with numerous shops and restaurants. The studio has full beautiful light and windows for painters and 2D artists.

Expectations: Simply - Be considerate. Keep the studio clean for yourself and others. Conserve water, Make art and Have fun.

brushes organized in buckets on a shelf


Clay is available for individual purchase. The recommended clays available are:

  • Limoges porcelain #298
  • Spanish black clay #PRNI is the fine clay
  • Terra-cotta
  • High temperature white stoneware clay.

Underglazes and clear glaze to test provided. Duncan products are available in France.

If more clay is needed a trip to the store can be arranged. If a different clay is requested, I will order it for you in advance. There are a variety of grog mesh sizes available, to the white stoneware, the Spanish black clay and terracotta.

Firing fees due at the time of firing


  • Bring your favorite tools, or ship them here, in advance
  • Need other materials? Concerns? Special needs? Email me! I am here to help!

Basic Studio Information

  • Hours of Operation: 7-24 Artists will be given keys
  • Music: Please wear headphones or keep it to a minimum level as we have neighbors
  • Please be welcoming to all
  • Sales: Direct sales between artists and buyer
  • Exhibition: Let’s do it!