Kirsten Stingle Workshop

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Kirsten Stingle Workshop

Sculptural Sirens: Narrative Ceramic Busts and Mixed Media

3 Oct 2022 - 12 Oct 2022

Price: 2000 €


  • Materials
  • Firing
  • 2 lunches

Opportunity: If you would like to stay longer and work in the studio? Price: 100 € per week

6 participants needed

Southern France is a siren of inspiration! Let the sea air fill your lungs and drive your creativity! This is a special class exploring the region’s culture and bringing that inspiration back into the studio to create a special sculpture that represents your magical stay in France. We will visit local wineries and a few small nearby towns to further our understanding of this stunning area. Students will also have some free time to enjoy the pleasures of the seaside. In the studio, sculptor Kirsten Stinge will combine sculptural hand building and mixed media to tell a story. Kirsten will lead students to create a ¾ life size head out of terracotta that can hang on the wall. Figurative experience is not a requirement. Kirsten breaks down anatomy and proportion guidelines and helps students in a step-by-step approach, as well as providing plenty of individual attention. Students may apply a variety of ceramic finishes prior to firing. After the firing, Kirsten will teach students to create a headdress for their sculpture using a flexible substrate that can be embellished through collage, painting, and stitching. The studio will host an opening day lunch and closing day lunch for the class including wine and desserts. Beginners welcome!