Martha Grover Workshop

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Martha Grover Workshop

Flowing Forms

1 May 2024 - 10 May 2024

Registration Deadline: 1 Mar 2024

Price: 2217 €


  • 8 lunches
  • Materials
  • Firing

Opportunity: If you would like to stay longer and work in the studio? Price: 125 € per week

Martha Grover

Discovery and exploration can be key components to creating exciting new work. Ever wonder how the place we are in and the objects we see can influence our pots? Interested in trying new ways of working with clay? Want to travel while making pots in an inspiring setting? This is the workshop for you.

Come spend 10 days in the south of France learning from Martha Grover not only how to make thrown and altered forms, pushing your clay knowledge well beyond the wheel, but also immerse yourself in a luscious landscape. Days will be filled with a combination of clay discovery, delicious food, and inspirational mini trips to the surrounding museums, historic sites and villages. Students will have the opportunity to explore a new environment and make useful pots responding to the place they are surrounded by. Demos and discussions will cover technical knowledge about altering functional forms and dive into how to take inspiration from place and travel and work it directly into functional clay work.