George Metropoulos McCauley Workshop

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George Metropoulos McCauley Workshop

Majolica: How Hard Can It Be!

Postponed until 2023

Price: 1925 €


  • Materials
  • Firing

Opportunity: If you would like to stay longer and work in the studio? Price: 100 € per week

6 participants needed

George Metropoulos McCauley Majolica

Come join me in the magical South of France where we can enjoy making and decorating our work in harmony with each other and the sea. I like to think of my workshop as More than a workshop, think a shared learning experience. Of course, I will be teaching in my casual style about making pots (not the primary focus) and my own processes of Majolica and decoration (the main goal). We will be using earthenware clay to make work that will be glazed with my patented, and much sought after, GHOC Red Neck Majolica and applying decoration using Amaco Underglazes. Participants will need some skill in making work, including tile, by any method. Our intent is to produce objects to decorate, with enjoyment and relaxation.

The plan is to do at least one glaze firing, and I can let all y’all in on my latest copywritten post glazed decoration process- decorating on already fired surfaces. But y’all have to keep that a secret! I will give each participant a copy of my 2 tech sheets, so y’all will have all my secrets. That alone is worth the price of participating! So the pottery part we have covered and the sharing part is always flowing around us. We will have sharing of ideas, stories and experiences, for those who wish to participate. We’ll take the time to learn from each other and enrich our lives through conversation, meals, dancing and excursions. I am a great cook and plan of cooking a few meals for us.

What better way, or location, to learn about decoration than to be a part of this shared life experience. I am eager to let all y’all in on my 56 years of ceramic experience and to help y’all achieve your goals. Free yourselves up by the shores of the Mediterranean and find appreciation in relaxing about making your work and remember my motto, “Mistakes make the magic”. My teaching fee and materials for everyone is included in the cost per participant. Thank all y’all and let’s go to France, I ain’t kidding.